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Our Story...

The beginning...

Lovely Paper Stuff is an independent greeting card publisher founded in rural Buckinghamshire in 2022.  We aim to bring exciting, funny, quality cards with a pop of colour to the market that really stand out from the rest!

In 2008, after leaving a career in graphic design, Jo Denning moved to Zurich, Switzerland with her husband Dave and their two cats, Coco and Sooty.  The beautiful lakes and mountains soon got her creative juices flowing and Jo was inspired to start working on a variety of different creative projects, including greeting cards. 

But the greetings cards were not yet ready to take centre stage.  Jo was constantly creating, and experimenting with her talents, and entered a competition with 'Advanced Photoshop' magazine to win some prints of her artwork and to be featured in the magazine.  She consequently won with her photo-realistic drawing of a pug, which the magazine publisher loved.  The magazine consequently went on to ask Jo to contribute with tutorials and other features, and she ended up having her work featured internationally on the cover and in numerous magazines, as well as being featured as one of their top 40 artists.


But whilst Jo enjoyed the photo realistic digital painting, her heart was more into creating art to connect people.

Jo then turned her hand at some initial greetings card designs and felt very satisfied with the direction and ideas that were coming out.  Just as she had found the direction she wanted to take, Jo and her husband were expecting their first baby, so she swapped creating for less sleep and constant nappy changing.  7 years and two babies later, a move back to the UK was on the cards (cats still in tow!).  Then after a few moves and yet one more baby, Jo finally put pen to paper once more and started doodling... the doodles turned into designs, and the designs turned into cards - and voila! 

Lovely Paper Stuff was born.  

Jo works on a variety of different styles and mediums, from fine art, to cartoon characters - and is always working on more and more ideas.  'The goal is to create cards that make people happy, connect the people and to be that little bit different from the rest!  If I can make someone smile, then I've achieved what I set out to achieve.'

Lovely Paper Stuff pride ourselves on being designed, made, manufactured, hand finished and checked in the UK.  All our cards are printed using a local printer and use quality cardstock and finishes to produce beautiful designs that stand out from the rest. Jo draws all the cards from scratch, usually with pen and paper, then the work is scanned in and we add some digital magic (if needed!) and cards are created...

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