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I hope you love our quirky, fun and colourful designs just as much as I have enjoyed designing them!  My name is Jo Denning, and I am the Illustrator, designer and passion behind Lovely Paper Stuff!  I first started designing cards back in 2008-2009 when I was living in Zurich, Switzerland, and although feeling disconnected after my move, I also had a lot of time on my hands. It was during this time I developed a desire to connect people, and being so far away from home made me realise the true importance of family and friendships/connections, and being able to send loved ones a little something in the post was s important.  However, the timing to launch my collection wasn’t to be, and my plans were foiled with the arrival of my first little baby girl.  I then promptly swapped designing and illustrating for nappy changes and no sleep!  Three babies and several moves later (including a big move BACK to the UK), I gradually started to have a little more time on my hands once more, then I was hit by 2020 (and we all know what happened there).  With so many people being unable to have any physical contact with one another and so many needing a hug, my drive to connect people with little paper hugs and cheer became that much more paramount!  Fast forward to 2024,  I now have a rapidly expanding collection of beautiful cards ready to embellish various shelves with their splash of colour and unique humour!  We design and print everything in the UK, and all our paper is sustainably sourced.  Our cards are all printed on a very high quality board and come with a contrasting colour 
envelope.   Here’s hoping they make you smile!

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